Thursday, September 22, 2016


I found a bag of teeth in her room. She came home from her dads with a bag of teeth. Coming from another kid I might be worried. But this is typical Dharma.

I found the teeth in the middle of the night after she'd gone to bed so I texted her dad to see if he knew anything about this. While I was waiting to hear from him I woke her up and in her drowsy stupor she told me she knew nothing about them. Finally her dad texted back that she had gotten them camping.

Dharma has taken hoarding to the next level.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tyrannosaurs Had Sex Too

Got a call from Dharma's principal. Let me remind you that she is in second grade now. I guess there was an incident during the writing portion of school today. The kids were to write a table of contents for a story they are working on. Dharma is writing her story on the Tyrannosaurus Rex, of course. What would a story be without a section on the mating and birthing process these giants went through? Only, she was very adamant about using the word sex. Which, of course, is not appropriate for a second grade public school audience.

I imagine her story was going to go something like this:

Ode to the beast of the all the Tyrannosaurs -

He caused tyranny everywhere he went
The giant, Tyrannosaurus Rex
He might still be around
If he had only had more sex

I feel as though I should send an apologetic email to her teacher.